KD Korina Dillard

Welcome to 2E Mrs. Dillard's Class!

         My name is Mrs. Dillard. I am very excited to be teaching second grade. I am a graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelors of Science in Education. I am the third generation to graduate from UTEP as a teacher. My grandmother graduated with a degree in education when UTEP was called Texas Western. My mother and father graduated with a degree in education as well and have been teaching for 31 years. I come from a long line of teachers and share the love of teaching with my family. 

         I believe in teaching children to be self sufficient individuals at a young age. My students know that they come to school to learn and that there is no time to sit around and do nothing. We are ALWAYS BUSY LEARNING in 2E! Students in my class know that I strive for them to work hard everyday so that they can grow up to be successful individuals who are self sufficient. I tell my students that I expect them to work hard everyday at school because I love them and I want them to strive for a good life in their future.

         By the time my students leave second grade not only are they ready for third grade, they also leave as responsible individuals. From day one students are expected to bring folders everyday with completed homework. Students are responsible for picking up and turning in their own homework. Students are responsible for giving the teacher notes from home. If students do not bring homework every day they cannot come to fun Fridays and they do not get prizes or stickers from Mrs. Dillard. However, students are rewarded for their responsibility. On Fridays students who have followed all class and school rules get to bring a stuffed animal to read with on Fridays. We have tons of fun in 2E while learning how to be responsible individuals. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

    If you need to get in contact with me my conference is from 9:45-10:30 a.m.


Grades Students will have graded class work sent home. However, students also get graded by their work that they do in their class notebooks and workbooks. Workbooks and notebooks do not get sent home, so if you would like to view this work please make an appointment with me to see it. I will notify you immediately if your child needs intervention due to failing grades. 

Going Home:
Your child cannot go home with anyone unless they are on the pick up list in the office or I have a written note from the parent saying the child is allowed to go home with someone not on the list. Whoever is not on the list must show an I.D. to the office. We are very concerned with your child's safety.

Are for students to write down their homework every day to learn responsibility. Please do not write notes to me in the planner. If you have a note for me please have your child hand deliver this to me in class. This is for the protection of your child's privacy so that others do not have access to your child's educational or personal information.

 Birthday Treats:
G.T. and enrichment is serviced until 3:10. Birthday treats will be passed out at 3:10.