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 Welcome to the Herrera Elementary North Pole Choir website.  Herrera Elementary is located on the west side of El Paso, TX and is part of the El Paso Independent School District.  Established in October of 2012 under the direction of Alex Garcia, North Pole is made up of 2nd through 5th grade students who are curious about how daring they can get with their voice in front of others.  There are no auditions to be a part of North Pole, commitment is all that is required.  With this in mind, North Pole extends the definition of commitment in order to get the most out of those who really want to be a part of something special.

North Pole performs for the school and around the community.  If you are interested in having North Pole perform for your community function please contact the director, Alex Garcia.

Our goals for this 2013-2014 school year is to expand our opportunities in regards to performing in public.  We feel that opportunities gives us experience which in turn provides the confidence that is needed to grow as musicians.